MoonVillage Workshop

Friday 5 May 2017

SpaceUp Cannes

6 & 7 May 2017


Faculté des métiers de Cannes


100 participants

Space Up / What is it?

SpaceUp is a space unconference, where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Unconferences have been held about technology, science, transit, and even cupcakes, but this is the first one focused on space exploration.

Everyone who attends SpaceUp is encouraged to give a talk, moderate a panel, or start a discussion. Sessions are proposed and scheduled on the day they’re given, which means the usual “hallway conversations” turn into full-fledged topics.

SpaceUp is about sharing, learning and networking. SpaceUp your week-end and come visit Cannes, in the French Riviera!

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MoonVillage Workshop / Côte d'Azur

The concept of Moon Village is basically to develop a permanent station on the Moon with different  countries and partners that can participate and contribute with different elements, experiments, technologies, and overall support.

In order to fulfill this task, a series of Moon Village workshops have been organized first internally at ESA and then at international community events, and are also planned for the coming months, to gather stakeholders to  present their ideas, their developments and their recommendations on how to put Moon Village into the minds of Europeans, international partners  and prepare relevant actions for upcoming International Lunar Decade.

The MoonVillage Côte d’Azur, or French Riviera, will take place on Friday 5 May 2017 and will welcome experts, scientists and industrials to talk about the MoonVillage concept. Even if this event is limited, you may be able to meet them at SpaceUp, which is the next day!

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Calendar / MVW and SpaceUp !

Arrival, registration and hot drinks

The venue of the MoonVillage Workshop is located at : CréACannes - 11, Avenue Maurice Chevalier, 06150 Cannes-la-Bocca. Please note only registered people will have access to the site.

Introduction and opening address

The opening adress will be given by Bernard Foing who is a scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA), Executive Director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG)

Participant presentations – PART 1

This session will contain presentations from the different participants (scientists, experts and industrials). (suite…)

Participant presentations – PART 2

his session will contain presentations from the different participants (scientists, experts and industrials).

Arrival, Registration and hot drinks

The venue for SpaceUp Cannes is: Palais des Victoires, 2 Avenue Maurice Chevalier, 06150 Cannes. Only people with tickets will have access to the event. Please note that the

Introduction and opening address

Introduction to SpaceUp Cannes and presentation of the teams, partners and sponsors of the event. (suite…)

Industry presentations

Presentation of the different companies and space partners, amongst which experts from the MoonVillage experts. (suite…)

Jam session

The students and participants of SpaceUp will gather in teams to talk about MoonVillage. (suite…)

SpaceUp keynote presentation

Speaker to be determined. (suite…)

Networking lunch

Grid session – Part 1

Participants present their projects and share their ideas. (suite…)

Guest presentation

Speaker to be confirmed. (suite…)

Grid session – Part 2

Participants present their projects and share their ideas. (suite…)

Arrival and hot drinks

Grid session – PART 3

Participants share their ideas and projects.

Guest presentation

Speaker to be determined.

Grid session – PART 4

Participants present their projects and share their ideas.

Visit of Calern

Sponsors and partners / Thank you !!

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Donation / Help us bring Space to Cannes!

These two events have never been organised on the French Riviera. It is an initiative of two young engineers and entrepreneurs who have decided to work extra hours to bring more space to their city.

It is a non-profit endeavour so any donation will only contribute to pay back the expenses. You, as an indivudual, can also help bring more Space to Cannes!

Besides hosting the very famous festival, Cannes is also the second most active french city in the space industry. These events are meant to emphasize even more Cannes’ presence within the space community.

Help us now and you will be mentionned in our website and social media.

Organisers / meet us !

Idriss Sisaïd


Idriss is an engineer in mechanics and in space-systems. He is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of O'Sol. He also holds a degree in astronomy from the Paris Observatory and he is an alumnus of the International Space University.


Director, O'SOL

Enrique is a space engineer, entrepreneur and a co-founder of O'Sol. He has degrees in Aerospace and Space Engineering from the University of Bath and Cranfield University. He is also an alumnus of the International Space University.

Maxime Cousin

R&D intern, O'SOL

Maxime is a 5th year engineering student in mechanical and energy engineering and is actually a R&D intern at O’Sol. He attended the University Of Sydney for a research project and the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven (TU/e) as part of the Erasmus program.

Juan M. Perez-Tobon

R&D intern, O'SOL

Juan is an engineering student in a double degree in mechatronics engineering with EIA University in Colombia and Arts et Mètiers Paristech, specialized in renewable energies and sustainable development.

Roger Segur


Roger is a chemical engineer and a qualified physicist. His outreach projects covered science and space and were recognized at Estec (ESA) and also at « Cité des sciences » in France for his astrophysics projects.

Priyanka Das

Student, Ecole Polytechnique

Priyanka is a double degree student at Ecole Polytechnique and ISAE Supaero, studying machine learning and autonomous systems. She is about to pursue a PhD in navigation technology at Safran.


Student, ISAE SupAero

Masters student in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE SUPAERO. Previously worked on the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer payload on-board Chandrayaan 2 Mission (Indian Space Research organisation). Currently working on CubeSat NIMPH.

Bastien JAMAIN

Student, Mines Albi

Bastien is an engineering student at Mines d’Albi. He wants to specialise in Materials and Spacecraft Structures. Bastien was a participant at SpaceUp Toulouse (February 2017) and at the Universpace program (2016).

SpaceUp & MoonVillage Workshop - FAQS / find your answers

Many options exist for accommodation. We are negotiating discounted hotel rates near the venue, and will be announcing these shortly on our website and on social media. However, there are plenty of rooms available on AirBnB and even a camping ground nearby.

Yes. If you want to participate but cannot attend, please contact us ( Several options exist, such as potentially sending us a 60s presentation to be played during the SpaceUp.

Yes. Your tickets for the SpaceUp will entitle you to lunch, but also snacks and refreshments during the breaks.

During SpaceUp, the format of the presentation is very flexible, so slides are not absolutely necessary. However, if you would like to use slides, you can either bring your laptop or just bring your presentation on a USB drive. This is especially important if you wish to give a T-5 presentation.

The Moon Village Workshop is a smaller event than SpaceUp Cannes, and is mainly targeted at professionals, experts and researchers in the space and lunar fields. Entry is upon invitation. If you are interested in the Moon Village Workshop and think you fit the participant requirements, please contact us directly.

However, a small number of places are available for students and enthusiasts, who will be allowed in as observers. If you would like to attend the Moon Village Workshop as an observer, please contact us directly.

The Moon Village Jam session is like a mini-Moon Village Workshop, but open to students and enthusiasts. In this session, following several industry presentations, the participants will be divided into topic-based discussion groups to try and provide recommendations towards building ESA’s Moon Village.
This is your chance to shape the vision of ESA’s lunar project.

No. The only requirement is that you have an interest in space! At SpaceUp, you will have the chance to interact with space enthusiasts, students, professionals and researchers of all levels. Anyone can present and launch discussions on the topic of their choice!

Yes, of course! During SpaceUp, you will be able to propose your topic for a talk on the main board. That way, you will be able to present during the Grid Sessions!

Event Location

Faculté des métiers de Cannes
54 – 56, rue de Cannes
06150 Cannes La Bocca
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